Events 2017-2018

This academic year, we will be hosting a series of events on key issues in the environmental humanities. These Friday events are open to all – please invite interested students, colleagues, friends or family to join you. Save the dates in your diary!


October-November 2017

  • Nuclear Waste Event, 6 October – report by Ankie Petersen
  • Film Screening, Trace Evidence, 20 October
  • Nuclear Waste Excursion Hades (Mol) and exhibition Perpetual Uncertainty (Hasselt), 27 October – report by Anna Volkmar
  • Film screening and first meeting Deep Time and Nuclear Waste study group, 3 November


Tuesday 12 December 2017
T. J. Demos lecture: Against the Anthropocene
17.30-19.00 uur

Lecture Hall MF-FG1
Medical Faculty
(Van der Boechorststraat 7, across campus from Main building)
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
More information and registration

22 March 2018
Water & the City
In the context of World Water Day 2018, the Environmental Humanities Center will organise an event centered on the theme ‘Water & the City’. Within the framework of this theme, we will shed light on how cities cope with increasingly heavy rainfall, rising water levels and ‘sinking’ land surfaces.
Please click on the “join us!” link above to receive our newsletter as soon as more information about his event becomes available.


Events 2016-2017





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