Events 2017-2018

This academic year, we will be hosting a series of events on key issues in the environmental humanities. These Friday events are open to all – please invite interested students, colleagues, friends or family to join you. Save the dates in your diary!


18 April 2018
Lecture Michael Schoenfeldt: “How Gardens Feel: The Natural History of Sensation in Spenser and Milton”

23 March 2018
Climate change, increasing rainfall, sea level rise, and flood risk pose significant challenges for low-lying countries such as The Netherlands. Historically, Amsterdam has devised a number of strategies to deal with water problems in the city.
In this symposium organized at the occasion of World Water Day, we look back to ingenuous solutions and cultural practices of the past, and look forward to new forms of urban design and ‘hydrocitizenship’. Hydrocitizenship (‘waterburgerschap’) as a new concept in international scholarly debate among environmental historians and geographers, and environmental scientists which encompasses heightened awareness of the meaning and value of water among citizens and both bottom-up and top-down community engagement for sustainable water management.
October-November 2017


  • Nuclear Waste Event, 6 October – report by Ankie Petersen
  • Film Screening, Trace Evidence, 20 October
  • Nuclear Waste Excursion Hades (Mol) and exhibition Perpetual Uncertainty (Hasselt), 27 October – report by Anna Volkmar
  • Film screening and first meeting Deep Time and Nuclear Waste study group, 3 November

12 December 2017
T. J. Demos lecture: Against the Anthropocene

Events 2016-2017





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