Call for Papers

Please find below the call for abstracts for the International Sociological Association World Congress, July 2018 in Toronto, where our thematic group TG07 Senses & Society is organizing 9 panels and a business meeting.

The deadline for abstract submission is 30th September 2017.

Abstract submission –

Panels organized by TG07 Senses and Society (ISA)

–          Drugs and the Senses in Popular Culture : An Ambiguous Relationship.


–          Fluid Borders: Sensory Interactions in the Arts


–          Future-Making and the Senses


–          Sensory Journeys: Foodscapes of Movement and Belonging for Difficult Times


–          The Politics of Sensation: Technology, Measurement, Quantification


–          The Senses in Interaction


–          Towards De-Sensing? a Speculation on Digital Immersion and the Implications for Ethical Action.


–          Who’s Afraid of the Synesthetic? Exploring New Directions in Sensory Visual Ethnography


–          “Urban Sensescapes”: Sensory Excursions in the City



Kelvin Low

President/Newsletter Editor,

TG07 Senses and Society (ISA)

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