A Lake’s Life: Lecture by Eva Jakobsson (EHC Special Event)

Environmental Humanities Center Special Event

A Lake’s Life: Approaches to Writing a Hydro-Biography

Tuesday, December 4, 15.15-17.00 hrs
Room  BelleVue OH-38 (low building behind the Main Building)
Prof. dr. Petra van Dam, “Lakes in the Netherlands: A Conceptual Introduction”
Dr. Eva Jakobsson, University of Stavanger, “Lake Vänern: A Hydro-biography of the Largest Lake in the EU.”

Comments by prof. dr. Gert-Jan Burgers, Director of the CLUE+ Research Institute.

In honour of Dr. Eva Jakobsson’s Research Fellowship with CLUE+, the Environmental Humanities Center organizes a Special Event on the biographies of lakes. Dr. Jakobsson is Associate Professor in history at the University of Stavanger in southwestern Norway. Her research focuses on different aspects of Swedish water history in a long- time perspective. This event explores the lives of lakes in the Netherlands and Sweden, with special attention to the balance between human and natural agency in their rich histories.

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