CLUE+ event: The Imagination of Animals

Date: June 12 2019 
Location: TBA 
Time: 15.30 
Speaker: Annabelle Dufourcq (Radboud University)

A special bond connects human imagination and the representation of non-human animals. What can we learn from the abundant imaginative tradition of talking and metamorphic animals in art, literature, myths, and popular imageries? Are these representations mere figments of the imagination? Why do non-human animals fuel human imagination? Is imagination unique to humans? Starting from the analysis of the simulacra of animals in the Western contemporary imaginary, we will investigate, on the basis of a phenomenological-existentialist approach, the role that can be played by the imaginary field in the study of non-human animals. 

Dr. Annabelle Dufourcq is an assistant professor of Metaphysics at Radboud University. Her research interests involve the relationship between reality and the imaginary, especially in the perspective of phenomenology and contemporary continental philosophy. Her current research focuses on the imaginary of animals.

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