Symposium: Climate Realism – Aesthetics and Politics of Climate

10th of May, 15:00-18:00

Climate Realism is an occasion to rethink the aesthetics and politics of climate in its myriad forms; to capture climates capacity to express embedded histories; to map the formal strategies of representation that have turned climate into cultural content; and to index embodied currents of past and future climates.  How is realism – in both the aesthetic history of representation and the philosophical tradition that underwrites it – transformed by contending with our new experience of climate in the Anthropocene? What, if anything, separates first and second nature in an age contoured by climate crisis, and what does this mean for a history of philosophy premised on their difference? In order to temper climate change – to apprehend its complexity, to address its short- and long-term consequences, to mitigate its many sources – Climate Realism boldly claims we must develop new aesthetic theories and projects.


• 15:00-15:20: Introduction: Jeff Diamanti
• 15:20-16:50: Panel discussion: Amanda Boetzkes and Graeme Macdonald
• 16:50-17:00: Break
• 17:00-17:20: Film screening of Leviathan
• 17:20-18:00: Roundtable discussion with Amanda BoetzkesGraeme MacdonaldShezad Dawood and Jeff Diamanti

Address: Herengracht 470, Amsterdam

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