We were at the #ClimateStrike in The Hague

Today, Friday the 27th of September, an estimated 30,000 people marched the streets of our political capital The Hague to demand climate justice. We were there to join the protest and share a feeling of community and collective action with green-minded people of all ages.

The march started at Koekamp. Here we are with our enormous Vrije Universiteit banner, which we sadly could not carry with us in the protest due to lack of space.
Frequently spotted slogans: “There is no planet B” and “How dare you?” as well as other Greta Thunberg inspired posters and banners, even some masks of Greta’s face.
The moment suprême: the march passes the Hofvijver. Chants intensify here, “What do we want? Climate justice! When do we want it? Now!” Will our prime minister hear us?

It is excellent that so many people gathered on the streets of The Hague today, but it is also important to keep this momentum going. This was the last day of a week full of climate protests, but it doesn’t end here. Are you inspired and ready to protest some more? Fridays for Future Nederland organises many events and you could join Extinction Rebellion NL’s protest in Amsterdam on October 7th or join one of their local groups.

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