Other Futures: Open Call

Other Futures 2020 | OPEN CALL to all beings

To explore the future of multispecies society together

Other Futures 10 – 12 April 2020
Festival: 10 – 11 April 2020 at Felix Meritis, Amsterdam

Exhibition: Opening 10 April, performance 12 April, closing 10 May 2020 at Rozenstraat – a rose is a rose is a rose, Amsterdam

What is it like to be a plant, and to communicate through your roots?

What can plants, insects, bots or any other-than-human beings teach us – humans – about resilience, intimacy and belonging? How can one foster connections between differences, think about the interconnectedness of all beings, and find ways of engaging and living together with each other in troubled times? Join us in the exploration of the future of multispecies society!

Other Futures Lab

Join Other Futures Lab to share and to explore collectively new ways of imagining alternative futures that affect the present positively. We welcome unfinished projects, works-in-progress, try-outs and loose ends.

The Lab is an open space for collaborative engagements and explorations of the unknown in a process of co-learning with all kinds of life. We encourage participants to actively engage, discuss and share their ideas with makers and thinkers alike within an informal setting. Throughout the space a variety of presentations will be on view, from exhibited works to performances, readings, music, workshops and other activities.

Other Futures Lab is taking place in the Shaffyzaal at Felix Meritis on Friday 10 April from 20:00 to 00:00 and on Saturday 11 April as part of Other Futures Festival.

About Other Futures Festival

Other Futures Festival is the first-ever global science fiction festival. Science fiction makers and thinkers from different disciplines and different parts of the world will explore the potentialities of the genre together with the public. This year’s edition focuses on Asia and themes around the relations between human and non-human and the building of a multispecies society. With music, screenings, performances, readings, keynotes, debates, workshops and unexpected encounters with the makers and thinkers and their works, we explore collectively the imagining and building of other futures.


Send in your proposal (exhibiting of work, video, performance, music, reading, workshop, other activity) to charlie@otherfutures.nl before Sunday 1 March 23:59. Please include the following information:

  • –  Your name
  • –  Name of your project / research / work
  • –  Type of submission: exhibition of work / video / performance / music / reading / workshop / other activity, namely:….
  • –  Description of project (max 300 words), including images
  • –  Preference for Friday or Saturday
  • –  The Shaffyzaal is equipped with a pa system, beamer, screen, chairs and tables, and pencils and paper will be available. Make sure to bring anything else needed to install and present. Selection We are open to all interesting contributions and ideas corresponding to the themes addressed within the festival. After your proposal has been sent in, we will send you a confirmation. By the 13th of March, latest, you will hear if your proposal has been approved and if your project will be part of Other Futures Festival. If you have any suggestions or other ideas of contributing to the festival, feel free to get in touch; we are open for collaborations and partnerships.

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