Fractured Ecologies

Chad Weidner, our Environmental Humanities colleague at University College Roosevelt, has published Fractured Ecologies.

Fractured Ecologies participates in environmental praxis through literary practice. How does experimental writing contribute to the ways we think about ecology? This collection of papers, bent essays, and playful poetic impressions positions marginal aesthetic forms front and center. This substantial collection (426 pages) is published by EyeCorner Press, a cooperative venture between universities in Denmark, Finland, and the United States. The basic idea of Fractured Ecologies is that rigorous and irreverent papers addressing experimental writing and other borderline manifestations in an environmental context are infinitely interesting and always fresh. Contributors include some of the most recognized ecologically engaged poets in the world today including Arthur Sze, Brenda Hillman, Joshua Schuster, Frances Presley, Wang Ping, Hiromi Suzuki, Maja Jantar, Angela Rawlings, Maurice Kilwein Guevara, and so many others, to young and dynamic emerging voices. The book also contains serious research by respected ecocritical scholars. The strength of this collection is the diversity and true international flavor.

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