Join the EHC Student Initiative

A call to master students of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Are you interested in the Environmental Humanities? Do you have great ideas for a (series of) events to do with sustainability, art, literature, history, or more? Would you like some board experience next to your studies? Consider joining the EHC Student Initiative!

The Student Initiative was started just before the Corona crisis and thus we have sadly had to set many great plans, such as regular film screenings and reading groups, aside. After the summer, we wish to breathe new life into this brainstorming and organising initiative and we are therefore looking for new MA students to join.

Student board members meet amongst themselves in an informal manner, and take turns to represent the Student Initiative in monthly meetings of the general board. As a student board member you have a say in the agenda of EHC (events and lectures) as well as the creative voice to start new student-organised projects (reading groups, podcasts, blog posts etc.).

Are you interested in joining the EHC Student Initiative? Respond here:

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