ENTANGLEMENTS, a new online event series by the Environmental Humanities Center

The Environmental Humanities Center is excited to announce our brand new online event series, ENTANGLEMENTS, in celebration of our 4th birthday. Bringing together scholars across time zones and disciplines, the series takes an exploratory approach to environmental issues and aims to allow as many people as possible to access some of the most exciting ideas in the field of environmental humanities and beyond. All are welcome, spread the word!

We are very happy to welcome prof. dr. Leonie Cornips as our first speaker in the online series:

Speaker: Prof. dr. Leonie Cornips, NL-Lab, Humanities cluster (KNAW, Amsterdam) & Maastricht University

Title: How a Dairy Cow Relates to Other Cows and Humans: The Opening of a Conversation 

Abstract: Read the abstract and register for this online lecture here.

Date: Thursday 10 December

Time: 16:00-17:00hrs CET

Location: Zoom (more information and registration)

📆 Dates for your 2021 diary…

Other speakers include Professor Cara Daggett, author of The Birth of Energy: Fossil Fuels, Thermodynamics, and the Politics of Work (2019) on 11 February 2021 (20:00hrs CET), Professor Rosemary A. Joyce, author of The Future of Nuclear Waste: What Art and Archaeology Can Tell Us About Securing the World’s Most Hazardous Waste (2020) on 8 April 2021 (20:00hrs CET), and Professor Jane Bennett, author of Influx/Efflux: Writing Up with Walt Whitman (2020), on 3 June 2021 (20:00hrs CET). Watch this space for more details and announcements about other speakers!

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