Vacancy: Postdoctoral Researcher, Art & Sustainability, Hanzehogeschool Groningen

The Research group Art & Sustainability is looking for a postdoctoral researcher whose research and artistic interests address existential dimensions of climate change and adaptation to its ecological, social and cultural impacts.

The purpose of the postdoctoral researcher is to support and strengthen research in the area of art and sustainability, with explicit attention to the dimensions of cultural and ‘inner’ sustainability.


The duties of the postdoctoral researcher include:

  • Conducting high quality research;
  • Developing, implementing, and leading projects under the leadership of the Professor of Art & Sustainability;
  • Participation in teaching in the area of art, science and sustainability themes, sustainist and/or transition design (e.g. working with ‘wicked problems’), with connections to the Innovation Work Place Deep Adaptation;
  • Supervising MA theses and contributing to the supervision of PhD candidates.

Job requirements:

  • PhD degree;
  • Adequate experience in research in any of the following fields (or combinations of them): climate studies, environmental psychology/ecopsychology, ecological aesthetics, artistic research, or other fields relevant to the position;
  • Affinity with practice-oriented research;
  • Having a good understanding of both spoken and written English (and preferably of both spoken and written Dutch as well, or having the intention to learn Dutch);
  • Ability to carry out multidisciplinary research is considered an advantage.

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