New book on Fukushima disaster published, with contribution from VU’s Sven Lütticken

On the tenth anniversary of the Fukushima disaster, Sternberg Press has published a volume on Don’t Follow the Wind (eds. Nikolaus Hirsch and Jason Waite), the acclaimed collaborative project situated in Fukushima’s radioactive exclusion zone.

The book explores the long-term environmental crisis in the coastal Japanese region through this ongoing, inaccessible exhibition, which maintains traces of human presence amid the fallout of the March 2011 nuclear reactor meltdown that displaced entire towns.

What can art do in a continuing catastrophe when destruction and contamination have made living impossible? Alongside a text by our colleague Sven Lütticken, who was actively involved in our Environmental Humanities Center engagement with questions of nuclear aesthetics, the book includes contributions by feminist theorist Silvia Federici, art historian Noi Sawaragi, and political philosopher Jodi Dean, in addition to documentation of the project.

Learn more about the book and order it here:

ENTANGLEMENTS: Rosemary Joyce on Nuclear Landscapes

And for those interested in nuclear humanities, nuclear disasters, or related topics, our next online event on 8 April is for you. All details here!

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