Nuclear landscapes: your reading recommendations

In our meeting with Rosemary Joyce, we asked participants for their reading tips connected to the lecture on nuclear landscapes, sourcing the wisdom of our community via the Zoom chat function. In addition to Rosemary’s book, The Future of Nuclear Waste (2020), we’ve gathered your recommendations below. If you would like to add more reading tips on this topic, please use the comments below!

Books & films

John D’Agata, About a Mountain. (2010)

Joseph Masco, The Nuclear Borderlands (2006)

Article: Finland’s nuclear waste site, Onkalo

Film: Into Eternity

Film: Project Iceworm

Artistic responses

Report by the OECD’s Nuclear Energy Agency (2019) on cultural responses to nuclear waste

Sweden’s take on land art

Nuclear storage facility COVRA, the Netherlands and its unique approach to art

COVRA: a report on the EHC’s field trip

Website of Wallace Heim, academic and artistic researcher

Artist-architect Miyamoto Katsuhiro on the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

Main image: Doel, Beveren, Belgium, by Boudewijn Huysmans on Unsplash.

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