Workshop series on Ecocritical methods in Art History

Workshop 1: 3-4 December, 20221 ; Workshop 2: 31 March -1 April, 2022 ; Workshop 3: 1-2 July, 2022

Andrew Patrizio (University of Edinburgh) and Olga Smith (University of Vienna), are looking for participants to join a series of workshops in the environmental humanities with a focus on methods and practices in ecocritical art history. Their main objective is to identify methods that will facilitate the work of art historians engaged with the issues of environmental interrelation, sustainability, and justice, across all historical periods. The workshops, are being held online and in person and are free to attend.

Addressing geo-historical and world-ecological problematics of the Anthropocene, art historians have already started to establish vital directions in the field of enquiry identified as environmental humanities. Yet the disciplinary territory is already complex, and perhaps even overwhelmingly disorientating for students and scholars alike. Numerous theoretical positions and conglomerate vocabularies have accumulated around art historical research, drawn from a myriad and often incommensurate intellectual traditions. The health of future ecocritical art histories will rely to some degree on the ability to be able to navigate methodological tools that are cognisant of diverse global approaches.

Rather than repeat assertions of existing theoretical positions, they wish to encourage open and forward-looking dialogues on methods and practices for all those working ‘in the field’.

More information and a programme of participants can be found here:

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