Sadie Hale wins Deborah Bird Rose Prize

Former student assistant to the Environmental Humanities Center, Sadie Hale, has been co-awarded the inaugural Deborah Bird Rose Prize 2022 by ASLEC-ANZ (Association for the Study of Literature, Environment and Culture, Australia + Aotearoa New Zealand). Sadie’s winning essay proposal builds on her Research MA thesis she completed at Vrije Universiteit, and is entitled “On sharks never seen: Absence, nonencounters, and the possibility of extinction in multispecies ethnography”.

She shares the prize with Susan Haris, whose proposal is entitled: “Abject Communities of Fate: Stories of Activism from Kerala, South India”.

The prize consists of $500 and a publication mentorship. The publication mentorship will pair the prize-winners with a senior scholar or practitioner in their field who will support them to develop their project by reading and giving feedback on a draft before submission to the association’s academic journal, Swamphen.

Deboah Bird Rose (1946—2018) was a highly influential, compassionate scholar whose pioneering work contributed to the development of multispecies frameworks for studying the mutual entanglement of nonhuman animals and humans. The Deborah Bird Rose Prize was established by the ASLEC-ANZ in 2019 to commemorate Deborah Bird Rose’s immeasurable contribution to thinking and feeling in the environmental humanities, both globally and specifically in the region.

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