Entanglements: Dr Bram Büscher, “The Conservation Revolution – moving beyond foundational contradictions in biodiversity protection”

DateThursday, 31 March, 2022
Time15:30 hrs CEST
Venue (hybrid) Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, room HG- 12A33 (main building) / Online via Zoom

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We are excited to announce the next lecture in our Entanglements series with Prof. Dr. Bram Büscher.

In his lecture he will focus on his recent co-authored book with Robert Fletcher: The Conservation Revolution. Radical ideas for Saving Nature beyond the Anthropocene (Verso, 2020). Büscher and Fletcher argue that the Anthropocene challenges contemporary conservation models and exposes their deep contradictions. After all: despite massive conservation investments over the last decades, the loss in biodiversity has only intensified.

They argue that another conservation approach is needed, something bigger, better and bolder. Something truly revolutionary. They propose convivial conservation as the way forward. This approach goes beyond protected areas and faith in markets to incorporate the needs of humans and nonhumans within integrated and just landscapes.

Dr. Sjoerd Kluiving, organizer of this session and coordinator of TERRANOVA, a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks (H2020-MSCA-ITN) project, responds to Bram Büscher’s talk in presenting the historic and future landscape research of fifteen PhD students that address the urgent transformation that European landscapes have to make and the apparent paradox of achieving that within our current economic system.

Prof. Dr. Philipp Pattberg (Political sciences) and Dr. Lia van Wesenbeeck (Economics) will interact in the discussion afterwards.

About Prof. Dr. Bram Büscher:

Bram Büscher is Professor and Chair at the Sociology of Development and Change group at Wageningen University. He also holds visiting appointments at the University of Johannesburg and Stellenbosch University.

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