Fashion and the Anthropocene: towards a sustainable fashion future

Thursday 27th October 2022

14.00-17.00 incl. reception

NU Building, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Today the fashion industry forcefully promotes its sustainability credentials. From branding and promotion strategies to recycling, resale, rental and reuse, fashion companies are keen to demonstrate awareness of the climate crisis. But are these responses adequate? As the damage the Anthropocene represents for ecosystems becomes clearer, the scale and speed of fashion consumption continues to seriously threaten the environment

The current event, ‘ Fashion and the Anthropocene: towards a sustainable fashion future’ at Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam, organised by the Environmental Humanities Center (CLUE+) and the Amsterdam Sustainability Institute (ASI) brings together academics, activists, and non-profit organisations to explore how the fashion system might transition to more ethical, connected, and sustainable futures. What is the role of the consumer? Is the prospect of a ‘good’ fashion industry realistic, and what strategies might have transformative effects? We ask whether the age of the Anthropocene is seeing the fashion industry transition towards sustainability.

More information and programme:

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