Brief introduction to animal rights

The latest addition to the Dutch book series "Elementaire deeltjes" is a book on animal rights, Dierenrechten. Historian Dirk-Jan Verdonk explores past, present and future of the moral position ascribed to animals in theology, philosophy, science, law, and policy. Which responsibility do people have for animal welfare? Dirk-Jan Verdonk is also the author of Het... Continue Reading →

Environmental humanities: a rethinking of landscape archaeology

Covered by this title a fruitful session was organised during the 4th international Landscape Archaeology Conference (LAC2016) in Uppsala, Sweden, 23-25 August 2016. Currently we are preparing a special issue in the journal International Review of Environmental History, with guest-editors Sjoerd Kluiving (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Kirsten Liden and Christina Fredengren (both Stockholm University, Sweden). There... Continue Reading →

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