ENTANGLEMENTS: Rosemary Joyce on Nuclear Landscapes

The global nuclear industry has for decades used sites like Stonehenge to justify designs for long-term markers to be placed over nuclear waste repositories to ensure they are not violated in distant, imagined futures. Alternative proposals propose a variety of aesthetic installations as alternative ways of marking the contaminated landscapes under construction. Moving back and forth between the proposals rooted in cultural heritage thinking, and those aligned with art worlds, this talk questions how both imagine human intentions as singularly effective in structuring place over spans of thousands of years.

Environmental humanities: a rethinking of landscape archaeology

Covered by this title a fruitful session was organised during the 4th international Landscape Archaeology Conference (LAC2016) in Uppsala, Sweden, 23-25 August 2016. Currently we are preparing a special issue in the journal International Review of Environmental History, with guest-editors Sjoerd Kluiving (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Kirsten Liden and Christina Fredengren (both Stockholm University, Sweden). There... Continue Reading →

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