VU professor calls for multidisciplinary global clean-energy initiative

In Nature, VU professor in physics Rienk van Grondelle calls for a global clean-energy initiative that brings together researchers from all disciplines. "Such a shared purpose would align the efforts of governments, agencies, foundations, investors, the research and policy communities, citizens and industry. It would accommodate the many disciplines needed across the natural and social... Continue Reading →

Mutating Ecologies in Contemporary Art (Barcelona)

Ist International Symposium December 1, 2016 Meier Auditorium (MACBA, Plaça Joan Coromines, Barcelona) Production and organization: AGI | Art Globalization Interculturality, Universitat de Barcelona Coordinator: Christian Alonso (UB) In collaboration with: MACBA | Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona and Translocal Institute for Contemporary Art (Budapest) Keynotes: Maja & Reuben Fowkes (Translocal Institute, Budapest) The Anthropocene... Continue Reading →

Environmental art in Tegenlicht (TV) and Pakhuis de Zwijger

The most recent transmission of the Dutch television program tegenlicht, entitled ‘Cultuurbarbaren’ is devoted to the relation of art and activism, including highly interesting examples of environmental arts, such as the work of Femke Herregraven or the ‘dark ecology’ journey organized by Amsterdam’s Sonic Acts festival. In the transmission, available online, amongst others, Herregraven explains... Continue Reading →

Dutch Sustainability Day

Today is 'Dag van de Duurzaamheid', a day devoted to Sustainability in The Netherlands. Initiated by Urgenda, the day is intended as a showcase for sustainability initiatives. Check the website for activities across the country, such as the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week or garbage men and women visiting schools to read stories to children about... Continue Reading →

VU Journal of Sustainability Studies 2017

The Green Office VU (GO.VU) is pleased to announce the launch of a submissions platform for the first edition of the VU Journal of Sustainability Studies. The GO.VU recognizes the aspiration of the VU to increase students’ academic interest in sustainability studies. Simultaneously, an awareness of the importance of a swift transition towards sustainability needs... Continue Reading →

Landscape and affect

The Dutch Society for the Protection of Birds has just coined a new term in the fight to ensure ecological diversity in Dutch meadows. The suffering brought about by the monotonous agrarian landscape to both human and non-human animals from now on goes by the name of 'landschapspijn' (landscape pain). They urge the next government... Continue Reading →

Environmental humanities: a rethinking of landscape archaeology

Covered by this title a fruitful session was organised during the 4th international Landscape Archaeology Conference (LAC2016) in Uppsala, Sweden, 23-25 August 2016. Currently we are preparing a special issue in the journal International Review of Environmental History, with guest-editors Sjoerd Kluiving (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Kirsten Liden and Christina Fredengren (both Stockholm University, Sweden). There... Continue Reading →

Tipping Points – KNAW Symposium

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences hosts a symposium (in Dutch) on tipping points and climate change on 11 November. Kantelpunten zijn een belangrijk thema geworden in klimaatonderzoek omdat ze in een korte tijd kunnen zorgen voor een compleet ander klimaat. Maar wat is een kantelpunt precies en waardoor wordt het veroorzaakt? In... Continue Reading →

AUP launches new series on environmental humanities

Amsterdam University Press is launching a new book series on environmental humanities and pre-modern cultures. This series in environmental humanities offers approaches to medieval, early modern, and global pre-industrial cultures from interdisciplinary environmental perspectives. They invite submissions (both monographs and edited collections) in the fields of ecocriticism, specifically ecofeminism and new ecocritical analyses of under-represented... Continue Reading →

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