On the occasion of their solo exhibition at 1646 in Rotterdam, artist and filmmaker Pedro Neves Marques will screen their work “YWY, the Android”, followed by a lecture and Q&A. In the video, set in a present-future, YWY, an indigenous android, talks with a GMO corn crop in the agricultural interior of Brazil.

ENTANGLEMENTS: Rosemary Joyce on Nuclear Landscapes

The global nuclear industry has for decades used sites like Stonehenge to justify designs for long-term markers to be placed over nuclear waste repositories to ensure they are not violated in distant, imagined futures. Alternative proposals propose a variety of aesthetic installations as alternative ways of marking the contaminated landscapes under construction. Moving back and forth between the proposals rooted in cultural heritage thinking, and those aligned with art worlds, this talk questions how both imagine human intentions as singularly effective in structuring place over spans of thousands of years.

ENTANGLEMENTS: Cara Daggett on Petro-masculinity

Far-right movements are on the rise worldwide, and many have embraced both misogynistic and anti-climate action positions. While these resentments are often treated separately, in this webinar, Cara Daggett will discuss their interconnections through the concept of petro-masculinity.

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