Workshop: Earth Matters in the Museum

On Thursday 28 September, 14-17hrs, the Research Center for Material Culture organises the workshop Earth Matters in the Museum: Planetary Entanglements and Precarities. The workshop is organised by Wayne Modest, professor (by special appointment) of Material Culture and Critical Heritage Studies in the faculty of humanities at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Member of the board of... Continue Reading →

New book: Anglo-Saxon Literary Landscapes

Amsterdam University Press has started a book series devoted to Environmental Humanities in Pre-modern Cultures. The first book in the series is just out: Anglo-Saxon Literary Landscapes: Ecotheory and the Environmental Imagination by Heide Estes. "Literary scholars have traditionally understood landscapes, whether natural or manmade, as metaphors for humanity instead of concrete settings for people's actions.... Continue Reading →

Thin Ice: opening of academic year

The opening of the academic year at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam focused on the question ‘Thin ice! What can science do to help?’, and explored what the arts can teach the sciences in the case of climate change - a topic we also explored last year at the Environmental Humanities Center. The question was addressed by... Continue Reading →

New issue Metropolis M: Degrowth

The latest issue of the Dutch Journal Metropolis M focuses on the notion of degrowth in the art world (in Dutch). Degrowth is een begrip afkomstig uit de late jaren zestig, toen door een forum van economen, wetenschappers en politici een wereld werd bepleit die niet in het teken van de groei staat, maar waarin... Continue Reading →

Pinar Yoldas // Carboniferous

Still on view until coming Sunday at the Glazen Huis in Amsterdam’s Amstelpark: Turkish artist Pinar Yoldas presents two new works based on Speculative Biology, in which she imagines new life forms which might develop on our man made planet. Part of it are imagined animals who have managed to adapt to the huge amount... Continue Reading →

Nuclear Waste Weeks

October/November 2017 Nuclear Waste Event, 6 October - report by Ankie Petersen Film Screening, Trace Evidence, 20 October Nuclear Waste Excursion Hades (Mol) and exhibition Perpetual Uncertainty (Hasselt), 27 October - report by Anna Volkmar Film screening and first meeting Deep Time and Nuclear Waste study group, 3 November The Nuclear Waste Weeks are a... Continue Reading →

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