Hybrid Workshop Learning from Aliens: New Directions in Environmental Humanities Research and Practice

The Environmental Humanities Center Amsterdam would like to share this hybrid workshop organized by the Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore (NUS). The world’s flora and fauna are often classified as native and non-native, indigenous and alien. These simple binaries mark biological life and, in doing so, define what belongs where and why. But... Continue Reading →

Summer Course: Icelandic Field Stations 2023

The Svartárkot Culture-Nature Project in collaboration with The Wright Ingraham Institute offer an interdisciplinary, immersive, place-based course intended for scholars, emerging professionals, researchers, post-graduates, master’s and doctoral students.

Artistic performance about basking shark hunting

This Saturday, 29 October, former EHC board member Sadie Hale and former UvA student and artist Miriam Sentler will collaborate in a performance at Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam. The performance takes as its subject the elusive basking shark, a large shark that migrates to the waters around the Hebrides in Scotland each summer.

Sonic Acts Biennale

The biennial international festival celebrating electronic and digital art forms returns to Amsterdam this October, bringing together the environmental humanities and contemporary art to ask how we can care for what we cannot see or understand.

Masterclass eco-literature

One of our board members, Kristine Steenbergh, will be teaching a masterclass on the role of literature in reshaping human-nature relations. The masterclass is in De Nieuwe Liefde on Sunday 30 October, and is in Dutch.

EHC Entanglements Lecture Report: Dr Kristian Mennen – “How to oppose the reclamation of ‘waste land’? Political strategies of the Dutch nature conservation movement in the 1930s”

On the 19th of May, Dr Kristian Mennen delivered a lecture on the political strategies of the Dutch conservation movement in the 1930s, as a part of the EHC Entanglements Lecture Series. Dr Mennen addressed an online audience. The political historian with an interest in environmental history discussed aspects of his current research in a presentation titled “How to Oppose the reclamation. You can read a report of the lecture and access the related online media.

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