This Friday: The Promise of Future Foods

In his public lecture "Unsoiled: The Promise of Future Foods" organized by the Political Ecologies Seminar (UvA), Rhys Williams explores the narratives and aesthetics mobilised by radical developments in food production technologies, and asks what new formal relations between human and non-human nature they might bring into being.  The accompanying Graduate Masterclass studies solarity and agriculture.

New book on Fukushima disaster published, with contribution from VU’s Sven Lütticken

On the tenth anniversary of the Fukushima disaster, Sternberg Press has published a volume on Don't Follow the Wind (eds. Nikolaus Hirsch and Jason Waite), the acclaimed collaborative project situated in Fukushima's radioactive exclusion zone. The book explores the long-term environmental crisis in the coastal Japanese region through this ongoing, inaccessible exhibition, which maintains traces of... Continue Reading →

Snippets (BASCE)

The Benelux Association for the Study of Art, Culture, and the Environment is proud to introduce a monthly online discussion series called Snippets. Join them in close-reading snippets of text from influential works in ecocriticism and green media studies on the first Friday of each month.

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