EHC event: Andreas Malm at Spui25

**This event has been cancelled ** Skin and Fuel: Two episodes in the history of fossilized whiteness What links between whiteness and fossil fuels does history display? Renowned environmental scholar Andreas Malm suggests that the ongoing surge of an anti-climate, pro-fossil-fuel far right is bringing deep historical forces to the fore. Furthermore, Malm speculates on various possible scenarios of far-right politics in a rapidly warming world. Date: Thursday 12 March, 17:00hrs Location: Doelenzaal, University Library (Singel 425)

We were at the #ClimateStrike in The Hague

On Friday the 27th of September, an estimated 30,000 people marched the streets of our political capital The Hague to demand climate justice. We were there to join the protest and share a feeling of community and collective action with green-minded people of all ages.

Thin Ice: opening of academic year

The opening of the academic year at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam focused on the question ‘Thin ice! What can science do to help?’, and explored what the arts can teach the sciences in the case of climate change - a topic we also explored last year at the Environmental Humanities Center. The question was addressed by... Continue Reading →

Video: Erle Ellis on the Anthropocene

On 2 May, Erle Ellis gave a lecture on the Anthropocene at the Environmental Humanities Center, in cooperation with the Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. If you missed the event, you can now listen to the lecture here, thanks to Erle Ellis' generosity and Tim Renders' efforts in recording sound... Continue Reading →


In April and May, the Environmental Humanities Center organizes a series of events about climate change. Do spread the word - we hope to see you at these events! 30 March: Tom Buurman, 'Climate Change and Everyday Life in Stockholm' 21 April: Climate Change Event 2 May: Erle Ellis, 'From Pleistocene to Anthropocene: Why Humans... Continue Reading →

Lecture on the law and climate activism

Jaap Spier will be interviewed in Spui25 (in Dutch) on his work in legal climate activism. Spier is one of the authors of the Oslo Principles, a set of Principles that comprise the essential obligations States and enterprises have to avert the critical level of global warming. Jaap Thielbeeke interviews him about global problems, the... Continue Reading →

Tipping Points – KNAW Symposium

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences hosts a symposium (in Dutch) on tipping points and climate change on 11 November. Kantelpunten zijn een belangrijk thema geworden in klimaatonderzoek omdat ze in een korte tijd kunnen zorgen voor een compleet ander klimaat. Maar wat is een kantelpunt precies en waardoor wordt het veroorzaakt? In... Continue Reading →

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