ENTANGLEMENTS: Cate Sandilands, “Mulberries: A Biopolitical Love Story”

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Thursday 30 September 2021, 20:00hrs CEST, on Zoom

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We are thrilled that our Entanglements Series this academic year will be opened by Cate Sandilands.

Mulberries: A Biopolitical Love Story

In cities, plants are our intimate companions whether or not we notice them. Some urban plant intimacies are cherished and encouraged to flourish; others are strictly policed, even outlawed. In this webinar, I will tell two stories about mulberries and intimacy to illustrate why we should think about plants as biopolitical subjects, and also why we should think about botanical intimacies as important sites of both critical feminist/queer inquiry and restorative relationship in the Anthropocene. 

About Cate Sandilands: I am a Professor in the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change at York University where I teach and write in the environmental humanities. My work sits at the intersections of queer and feminist theory, biopolitics, environmental literature, and multispecies studies, especially critical plant studies. I have been intimate with plants since childhood, and they have been insistent presences in my life and work for many years. It only dawned on me recently that this conscious plant intimacy is somewhat unusual for a white settler-colonial academic in the humanities so, in my current work, I hope to tell stories about plants that will build better plant-human understandings and relationships, both in the environmental humanities and elsewhere. I fell in love with mulberries in 2017 through a combination of literary and physical relationships. I hope, with this talk, that you will also come to love and learn from them.

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